How I work

SWIPE and heart and communicate online for you!
I do all the work.  Some clients choose to be very involved in this process and like a daily update of who is a potential match.  Others prefer that I tell them when and where to meet a date.  

FOCUS and organize your search

Most people date, never bothering to consider not only what they want but also, what is actually good for them. I work with you to determine what it is you are really looking for in a partner and then we'll refine the search accordingly. 

TROUBLESHOOT past patterns 

We've all made mistakes while dating. What's important is identifying them going forward. This is essential in order to establish new healthy dating and relationship behaviors.

ENSURE that you have great profile pictures

First impressions count! I'll tell you how many pictures you need and what they should look like, helping you highlight your best features while being honest about what isn't working (yes, I'll actually tell you that the photo of your dog licking your face isn't attractive).  

WRITE and edit your online profile

Self-promotion can be hard and writing about yourself can be overwhelming. We'll review the profile you have or collaborate on a new one to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward. 

CHOOSE the right dating sites

Each site is different and it seems like every week there's a new one. I keep track of them so you don't have to. Let my expertise help you select the apps with the appropriate target audience and the greatest chance for your success. 

IMPROVE your outreach and communication

We'll discuss strategies both online and offline, to improve your game and yield more first and, as importantly, second dates.

ADVISE you as dating consultant

I'll help you prepare for dates--we'll decide what to wear, where to meet, and go over safe subjects to discuss. I'll be available throughout the process, to help build boundaries when necessary and alert you when poor decisions are about to be exercised. And I'll hold your hand and support you as you journey into a healthy, happy, and committed relationship.