Those people on the homepage, sure, they look great, but they're not ripped from the pages of wedding magazines or 'happily ever after' catalogues.  Those are actual couples I've introduced who've since wed and built incredible lives together.  Watching relationships ignite, seeing the love grow, and knowing that families have been created has provided me with endless joy!  This is why I love what I do.  I've been setting people up, coaching, and cheerleading singles into relationships for the past 20 years.  With the instincts and passion of an old-school matchmaker combined with the knowledge and understanding of the digital age of dating, I'm able to create real opportunities for love.

Matchmaking is part art and part science. I earned my Master of Social Work degree from NYU and practiced individual psychotherapy in New York City, focusing on helping patients identify their negative patterns and empowering them to make better choices going forward. I later used these professional psychotherapy skills and knack for matchmaking to run on-campus recruiting at top law firms where I honed my ability to vet resumes, connected candidates with their best interviewing partner, and ensured that the best talent never slipped through the cracks. This is exactly what I'll do for you.  

About me